Amy L Perry

Director, Teacher

Amy has a long time passion for teaching kids. For the last 25 years, she has been teaching in the homeschooling community, private school sector, and coaching volleyball at every level. While living in Florida for 17 years, Amy homeschooled her two children while starting up and running two different businesses, including an Assisted Living facility and home school sports program. After moving to Virginia in 2011, she has been active on her farm with organic gardening, poultry care, horses, and now beekeeping. Amy finished her Masters in Public Health in 2019. Since then has accomplished certifications in beekeeping, food safety and started up Knollwood Agriculture training school. Along with her passion for teaching, she wants the next generation to have opportunities, knowledge, and skill in the agriculture industry. Amy feels very blessed to have a farm that has been in production since 1826 and wants to share it with Virginia and surrounding communities.

Adam Perry

Public Relations, Policy and Social media Director

Adam Perry is the son of Amy and Douglas Perry. He was homeschooled from K-5 to Senior year before going to college in 2009. Adam finished an Undergraduate Degree in Western Legal Traditions and has a Masters's in Public policy from Liberty University. He now works as an Administrative Assistant for Maintenance. Adam assists Knollwood with his expertise in social media outreach and business policies.