Herb gardening September schedule

The class learns the principles of herb gardening, including soil enrichment, pest control, and harvesting. The nutritional value and medicinal benefits are explored while cooking. The student goes through the process of drying herbs and packaging. Students try different herbs through cooking, making teas, and drinks: Herb recipes and a lesson plan are given to take home for optional further study. I teach the importance of taking care of our environment, respecting our resources God has blessed us with, and how the lesson can be applied to the student's life. Classes are designed and taught for age appropriateness and level of skill. Parents who have other children with them, may stay and use Knollwood facilities, including a study room, public bathroom, several places to picnic on the property, or Bedford town is only 5 miles away.

  • Category: Agriculture classes
  • Duration: 05:00 Hours
  • Address: 1621 Kincannon Rd, Bedford, VA, USA (Map)




Class DayDateYearTime Cost 
3rd-5th TuesdaySept 22 20209:00-12:00 pm15.00
6th-8thTuesday Sept 22 202012:00-4:00 pm 20.00
High school Thursday Sept 24202010:00-3:30 pm25.00
Adult Friday Sept 2520204:30-8:00 pm35.00

All pricing includes class instruction, cooking ingredients, and take home packet.