Student Agricultural Activity Kit

The activity package is for one child, unless you share activities. All materials and supplies are included, except for one mason jar and a few everyday craft and kitchen supplies. The instructions are written so the child and parent can work together. Instructions and materials are color coded, in case material is separated. The activities are very engaging, fun, and educational. Activities listed below:

  • Category: Knollwood Agriculture activity kit
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
  • More Info: Shipped to residence


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The student will receive:

Plant a pumpkin and popcorn seed

A kernel of popcorn to pop

Make a hot and cold herbal tea ( kid friendly,)  included for an afternoon tea party, 2 treats. These are not tea bags, but dried herbs, so the student can make the beverage.

Make a lib balm and salve. Student will be able to design the labels  and make their own infused oil

Grow a hydroponic lettuce ( Mason jar not included) 

Plug and grow a mushroom

Make your own journal for logging all your work 

This is designed for any age you want to start up to 5th -6th grade.  

Cost includes package, tax and shipping.  When you order, please give your email, so we can contact you for delivery address.