Agriculture classes

Agriculture classes
  • Popcorn class                   
    Come and learn how to plant, grow and harvest popcorn. Students learn how to shuck the corn and prepare for popping. We end the class with making popcorn balls.

    Fall Pumpkin class                
    Come and learn how to grow pumpkins, including sprouting a seed, pumpkin nutrition, and harvesting. The harvesting includes cleaning out the pulp and using for baking pumpkin treats.

  • Pizza from the garden              
    Try the delicious alternative to flour pizza dough. A favorite food improved. These fresh, healthy, delicious pies take grabbing a slice to the next level by swapping regular crusts for more nutrient-dense versions, including cauliflower, chickpea, and summer squash crust. Learn how to grow year-round vegetables. The class makes their pizza using vegetables and sauce from the garden. 

  • Herb gardening                     
    We start in the garden and learn how to grow, prune, and harvest the herbs. Learn the tips and techniques for drying the herb. Students have the opportunity to make and sampling different teas. Learn the benefits of natural medicinal herbs and how to cook with herbs.

  • Fungiculture gardening             
    The cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi are explored in class. Students learn the steps to cultivate and harvest mushrooms. The health benefits of mushrooms are discussed during the cooking process.

  • Fruit science                     
     Learn the art of growing fruit and the science behind harvesting and preserving. The student harvests a variety of fruit using several different methods including, freezing, canning, drying, fermenting, and pickling.